QRC Summer Training 2022

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QRC organise a wide range of lessons and clinics throughout the year, frequency depends on the time of year but normally there are two/three opportunities per month. We offer everything from off the horse pilates classes to XC sessions and the chance to 'ride a test' prior to any competitions or events.

We try to provide a varied and comprehensive training programme with a good selection of instructors, if there is something in particular you would like to see or wish to have another instructor then please contact us.


Payment is required in advance via BACs or cheque. Please do not send any funds until you have received confirmation that there is availability. No places will be confirmed unless payment is received. For any queries or to book in for training please contact Denise or Louise - please contact Louise pony@velvetgrove.co.uk to book between 13th January and 14th February

Payment details;

BACS details

Sort Code; 60-03-27

Account Number; 53274806

Please use your name and date of session as a payment reference eg; Stokes18/10/17

Cheques must be received well in advance of session and be made payable to Quantock riding club (please contact Tara Hayes if you wish to pay by cheque regularly for postal address



There are a few new ideas for Cannington sessions. Flatwork sessions to be in pairs for 45mins at Cannington with Charlotte Bilson or Natalie Passmore depending on availability. Cost £20 each. Spaces limited to 8 over the 3 hours. Please be ready early so that this can run to time.


Flat and pole sessions at Cannington will tend to be in a group of 2 or 3 and usually gridwork based again with Natalie or Charlotte. Cost £20 each. Spaces limited to 9 over the 3 hours. Jumps need to be put in and taken out of the arena.


It helps us if you tell us what preferred height you are jumping or training at so we can try and keep the groups at the same level however, this isn’t always easy as depends on times people can make so please help us out with as much information as possible!


Training has been well attended with welcome new faces and this has shown in our team successes over the year. If you have any ideas or preferences for instructors or venues, drop us a note we are open to suggestions.


It is really important that ALL droppings are picked up from the ARENA and CARPARKS at the venues. Please don’t leave it for someone else to do else we will incur charges.


If a cancellation is made within 72 hours you will still be charged unless a replacement is found.

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